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Table 2 Details of the samples and analysis

From: Sequential analysis of carbonaceous materials in Hayabusa-returned samples for the determination of their origin

Sample name Sizea(μm) Pressed on Type Elementsb Analysis flow
RA-QD02-0008 50 (Lost) Blocky C, N, O, Al FT-IR, Raman (Lost)
RA-QD02-0120 26 Au Blocky C, O NanoSIMS, FT-IR, Raman, XANES, TEM
RA-QD02-0180 55 In Blocky C, O, K, Na, Cl ToF-SIMS, NanoSIMS, Raman
RB-QD04-0001 19 Au Faint C, N, O NanoSIMS, FT-IR, Raman
RB-QD04-0037-01 48 In Blocky C, N, O FT-IR, ToF-SIMS
RB-QD04-0047-02 28 Au Blocky C, O NanoSIMS, FT-IR, Raman, ToF-SIMS, NanoSIMS, XANES, TEM
S01 (SFA particle) 30 Au Blocky C, O NanoSIMS
IOM1 (A-881458, CM2) 50 Au Blocky   NanoSIMS, FT-IR, Raman, XANES, TEM
NI1 (synthetic Mg-Fe-Ni olivine) 50 Au - - XANES, TEM
  1. aLength of the major axis; bfound in FE-SEM-EDS analysis.