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Figure 7

From: Mineralogy of four Itokawa particles collected from the first touchdown site

Figure 7

Bright-field TEM images of ultrathin sections of four Itokawa particles. (a) Olivine in RB-QD04-0008, (b) olivine in RB-QD04-0011, (c) olivine in RB-QD04-0015, and (d) low-Ca pyroxene in RB-QD04-0024. In (c) and (d), the amorphous surface zone is indicated by double-headed arrows marked ‘I.’ Nanophases on the external surface, which appear as dark speckles, were indicated by arrows. In (c), the lower part of the amorphous layer (B) is more electron transparent than the upper part (A). Single-headed arrows marked ‘II’ indicate the partially amorphized zone. Nanophase Fe inclusions showing (e) 0.19- and (f) 0.20-nm lattice fringes in the partially amorphized zone of olivine and low-Ca pyroxene, respectively. They are indicated by dotted closed curves.

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