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Table 1 List of the Itokawa particles investigated in this study and their constituent minerals

From: Mineralogy of four Itokawa particles collected from the first touchdown site

Sample Minerals
RB-QD04-0008 Olivine, high-Ca pyroxene, troilite
RB-QD04-0011 Olivine
RB-QD04-0015 Olivine
RB-QD04-0024 Low-Ca pyroxene, plagioclase, troilite
  1. The samples in the bag were ultramicrotomed into 90-nm-thick sections by Reichert Ultracut-N (Reichert-Jung, Vienna, Austria) at Ibaraki University for TEM. Each of the samples was taken out from the bag, just prior to ultramicrotomy, and exposure to the air was shorter than 1 h. Details of the ultramicrotomy were presented in Noguchi et al. (2014).