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Table 4 Fe XANES edge positions and pre-edge centroid positions in olivine and pyroxenes in the four Itokawa particles and Tuxtuac LL5 chondrite

From: Mineralogy of four Itokawa particles collected from the first touchdown site

Sample Mineral Edge position (eV) Pre-edge centroid (eV)
RB-QD04-0008 Olivine 7,119.5 7,112.6
RB-QD04-0011 Olivine 7,119.5 7,112.6
RB-QD04-0015 Olivine 7,119.8 7,112.5
Tuxtuac LL5 Olivine 7,119.5 7,112.7
RB-QD04-0008 High-Ca pyroxene 7,119.4 7,112.6
RB-QD04-0024 Low-Ca pyroxene 7,119.7 7,112.6
Tuxtuac LL5 Low-Ca pyroxene 7,119.8 7,112.6