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Figure 7

From: A new technique using FT-IR micro-reflectance spectroscopy for measurement of water concentrations in melt inclusions

Figure 7

Host overlapping correction for the rhyolitic melt inclusion with 3.9 wt.% water. (a) Spectra of rhyolitic melt inclusion (m x , cross), its host orthopyroxene (h x , thick solid curve), and rhyolite glass (g x , broken curve) in the 700 to 1,300 cm−1 region. The extent of the host mineral's overlap on the spectrum of melt inclusion was calculated to be 0.065 by curve fitting, and the calculated spectrum (f x ) is shown with a thin solid curve. (b) Using the overlapping volume obtained in (a), the original infrared (IR) spectrum of the melt inclusion (m x , thick solid curve) in the 2,000 to 5,500 cm−1 region was modified (g x , thin solid curve with open diamond), and the baseline curve (dotted curve) was calculated to obtain ΔR/Rbaseline.

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