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Figure 4

From: Large-ion lithophile elements delivered by saline fluids to the sub-arc mantle

Figure 4

Partition coefficients of Pb, Rb, and Sr between aqueous fluids and coexisting haplogranite melts at HTHP conditions. (A, B, C) Partition coefficients as a function of pressure. In (A), the data for D Pb fluid / melt = 0.22 and 0.23 at 0.7 and 0.9 GPa, respectively, were obtained in a 0.26 M NaCl/kg water bearing system. The other data were obtained in Cl-free systems. In (A), the pressure of the datum of D Pb fluid / melt = 0.93 at 0.3 GPa represents the minimum pressure (Bureau et al. 2007). (D, E, F) Partition coefficients of Pb, Rb, and Sr as a function of NaCl + KCl in the haplogranite–H2O system and NaCl in the jadeite–H2O system. Numbers represent experimental pressure in GPa.

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