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Figure 4

From: Regional and global variations in the temporal clustering of tectonic tremor activity

Figure 4

Distributions of τ c and frequency distributions of τ c for each region. (Left) Distributions of τ c (the interval of a non-Poissonian tremor activity) for Shikoku, Kii-Tokai, Cascadia, Jalisco, southern Chile, and Guerrero. The values of τ c are color-coded according to the diagram for Shikoku (top panel). Gray dots denote the tremors in each region. Plate boundaries are denoted by thick gray lines. The iso-depth contours for the subducting interfaces are denoted by thin black lines for Shikoku, Kii-Tokai (Ide et al. 2010), Cascadia (McCroy et al. 2006), and Jalisco (Pardo and Suarez 1995). (Right) Frequency distributions of τ c for each region except for Guerrero. Dashed gray lines with notations in each panel represent the typical scales of periods. The gray areas for Shikoku, Kii-Tokai, Jalisco, and southern Chile show the periods longer than the respective extracted time spans.

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