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Figure 6

From: Regional and global variations in the temporal clustering of tectonic tremor activity

Figure 6

Distributions of τ c for Shikoku with the different bin sizes and extracted time spans. (a) Distributions of τ c with bin radii of 5 km (bottom), 10 km (middle), and 15 km (top). (b) Distributions of τ c with extracted time spans of 1 year (bottom), 2 years (middle), and 3 years (top). (c) Example of the variation in τ c for different time frames and the different time spans applied. The top panel shows the cumulative events for the subset in Shikoku, with a nonperiodic burst between 5.9 and 7 years induced by a long-term slow-slip event. The upper and lower color bars show the temporal distributions of τ c determined using the 1- and 2-year time spans, respectively, with respect to the time frame corresponding to the cumulative events.

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