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Table 4 Quantification of the goodness of different model predictions

From: Assessing the hazard from geomagnetically induced currents to the entire high-voltage power network in Spain

Earth conductivity structure ρ P
Uniform 0.372 0.051
Layered (Pous et al. 1995) 0.368 0.045
Layered (Viljanen et al. 2012) 0.377 0.074
Uniform (under the condition where the Vandellòs-Pierola line was switched off) 0.749 0.252
  1. The table shows the quantification of the goodness of the different model predictions with respect to the GIC measurements at the TRP1 transformer in the Vandellòs substation for the 24 to 25 October 2011 event according to the linear correlation coefficient, ρ, and the performance parameter P.