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Table 1 Summary of along-strike variations in seismic characteristics and thermal structure calculated during this study

From: Along-strike variations in temperature and tectonic tremor activity along the Hikurangi subduction zone, New Zealand



(Central transition)




45 to 50 km

(Approximately 20 km)


5 to 15 km

10 to 15 km

10 to 20 km

30 to 50 km

20 to 60 km


Seismic coupling transition

Approximately 30 km

Approximately 10 km/approximately 30 km

Approximately 10 km


Approximately 35 km

Approximately 25 km

Approximately 15 km

Brittle-ductile transition (approximately 600°C)

Approximately 60 km

Approximately 40 km

Approximately 25 km

  1. Tectonic tremor depth at central part was determined during this study. In the northern part, the depth of plate interface where tremors are detected by Kim et al. ([2011]) is about 20 km in the plate model of Ansell and Bannister ([1996]). The depth of SSE is from Wallace et al. ([2004], [2012]), Wallace and Beavan ([2010]), and Wallace and Eberhart-Phillips ([2013]). The depth of seismic coupling transition is based on Wallace and Beavan ([2010]). The 350°C depths (isotherm) along with the locations (depths) of the brittle-ductile transition were calculated during this study, as shown in Figure 7.