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Figure 1

From: Stress reversal recorded in calcite vein cuttings from the Nankai accretionary prism, southwest Japan

Figure 1

Setting of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) Site C0002 and structural overview of Hole C0002F. (a) Locality of IODP Site C0002 in the Nankai Trough (modified after Moore et al.[2013]). Arrows indicate estimated far-field vectors between the Philippine Sea plate and Japan, and stars indicate the epicenter locations of the 1944 Tonankai and 1946 Nankai tsunamigenic earthquakes. (b) Seismic reflection profile showing Site C0002 (modified after Moore et al.[2013]) with vertical exaggeration (VE). White box indicates the extent of logging while drilling (LWD) and cuttings obtained in Hole C0002F. (c) Frequency distribution versus depth of deformed grains with different microstructures in cuttings with diameters >4 mm and the sandstone ratio (%) retrieved from Hole C0002F that was drilled through the Nankai inner accretionary prism during the IODP Expedition 338 (modified after Strasser et al.[2014]). The localities of two calcite vein samples (CV-1 and CV-2) are indicated by arrows.

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