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Figure 3

From: Stress reversal recorded in calcite vein cuttings from the Nankai accretionary prism, southwest Japan

Figure 3

Paleostress analysis with mechanical e -twin in calcite. (a) Principle after Turner and Weiss ([1963]). [0001] h and [0001] t indicate the c-axis orientations of host and twinned parts, respectively. See text for explanations. (b) Results of paleostress analyses with mechanical e-twin for calcite vein samples CV-1 (338-C0002F-56-SMW) and CV-2 (338-C0002F-258-SMW). The numbers of analyzed pairs of c-axis and e-twin orientations are shown at the lower-right corner of each diagram. Thick straight lines indicate the orientation of the vein wall. See text for explanations.

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