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Figure 4

From: Stress reversal recorded in calcite vein cuttings from the Nankai accretionary prism, southwest Japan

Figure 4

Contoured diagram for c [0001]- and a [2-1-10]-axes orientations of calcite grains. From (a) fine-grained and (b) coarse-grained parts in calcite vein sample CV-1. The orientations are projected relative to the vein wall, which is E-W trending and vertical and denoted by solid lines. Equal-area projections. Lower-hemisphere projections for c-axis orientations and both upper- and lower- hemisphere projections for a-axis orientations. Pole densities are shown by contours (multiples of the uniform distribution, mud), where the different intervals are indicated by different colors (see legends). The numbers of measured grains are 9,523 (automatically measured, 4a) and 103 (manually measured, 4b).

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