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Figure 2

From: GEOMAGIA50.v3: 1. general structure and modifications to the archeological and volcanic database

Figure 2

A schematic of the general structure of the GEOMAGIA50.v3 database. The grey dot-dashed box contains relational tables (results and metadata tables) housed within the ORACLE MySQL database. The grey short-dashed lines nominally divide the results tables between those which contain archeomagnetic and volcanic data and those containing sedimentary data. The long-dashed box contains the three parts of the web page visible to the user. Lines with arrow heads represent the two-way transfer of information between different parts of the database (e.g., query commands and data return). Orange represents archeomagnetic and volcanic commands and data transfer; blue = sediments. Solid black lines show the links between results tables annotated by the linking ID. The elements of the figure are explained further in the ‘Principles of the GEOMAGIA50.v3 database’ section.

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