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Figure 2

From: Parent magnetic field models for the IGRF-12GFZ-candidates

Figure 2

Residuals to the least-squares fit displayed as a function of the Sun position. Same residuals as in Figure 1 that are now displayed as a function of the Sun position relative to the satellite and parameterised with the two angles α,β. The colour scales correspond to the residual amplitudes. The angles indicated on the Hammer projection plots are equal to 90° −α. The angles indicated on the polar plots correspond to the β values. The Sun is in the (−E 1) direction - i.e. nearly above the satellite, when 90° −α=0 and β=0. The Sun is beneath the E 2 E 3 plane when β is outside the [−90:90] range. Top panel: residuals from 25 November 2013 to 25 February 2014. Central panel: residuals from 25 February 2014 to 10 July 2014. Bottom panel: residuals from 10 July 2014 to 30 September 2014. On the central panel, two obvious small-scale features are circled in black.

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