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Table 2 Statistics of the Swarm data used in this study

From: A candidate secular variation model for IGRF-12 based on Swarm data and inverse geodynamo modelling

Data type Number Mean residual (nT) rms misfit (nT)
ASM F mid-lat. 307885 0.17 3.12
ASM F high-lat. 197411 -0.67 4.26
total F    3.61
VFM B r 307885 -0.04 4.14
VFM B θ 307885 -0.14 6.02
VFM B φ 307885 2.80 6.85
total B    5.78
total 1428951   5.11
  1. All data are Level-1b products (National Space Institute, T.U.o.D. 2013). On the third column from the left, the mean residual refers to the average difference between a given measurement and its prediction by the initial model centered at epoch t c =2014.3 (see text for details). The mean aims at detecting a possible bias between measurements and model predictions. The rightmost column is the root-mean-squared misfit of the initial model predictions to the data. The overall root-mean-squared misfit σ o is equal to 5.11 nT