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Table 1 List of optical and X-ray solar flares with X-ray intensities of more than M5.0

From: Estimating the solar wind conditions during an extreme geomagnetic storm: a case study of the event that occurred on March 13–14, 1989

Date Start Max End Lat. CMD Opt X-ray NOAA# CME Radio burst
3/10 1848E 1912U 2158 N31 E22 3B X4.5 5395 Yes Type II, IV
3/11 0829E 0905 0944D N29 E16 2B M9.7 5395   
3/11 1535E 1538 1601D N28 E13 2B X1.2 5395   
3/11 1933E 1940 2016D N27 E10 2B X1.3 5395 Yes  
3/12 0016E 0029 0043D N28 E09 2B M7.3 5395   Type IV