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Fig. 2

From: Mineralogy and noble gas isotopes of micrometeorites collected from Antarctic snow

Fig. 2

Concentrations of 4He and elemental ratios of 4He/20Ne for micrometeorites (MMs) collected from Antarctic snow. Data for interplanetary dust particles (IDPs; Nier and Schlutter 1990), unmelted Antarctic MMs (Osawa and Nagao 2002, Osawa et al. 2003a), and cosmic spherules (Osawa et al. 2003b) are also shown for comparison. Elemental ratios of 4He/20Ne for the present-day solar wind (SW; Heber et al. 2009), the implantation-fractionated SW (IFSW; Benkert et al. 1993), and the terrestrial atmosphere (Air; Ozima and Podosek 2002) are also shown

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