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Fig. 7

From: Mineralogy and noble gas isotopes of micrometeorites collected from Antarctic snow

Fig. 7

Chemical compositions of olivine and phyllosilicates in the micrometeorites (MMs) investigated. a [Si + Al]-Mg-Fe diagram of phyllosilicates in D03IB068. Three out of four analyses are plotted between serpentine and saponite with ~0.85 Mg/(Mg + Fe) atomic ratios. Orgueil data are from Tomeoka and Buseck (1988). b Histogram of Fa mol % in olivine in three MMs containing measurable-sized olivine. c Relationship between the Si atomic formula unit based on four O2 atoms versus the total cation based on four O2 atoms. Their stoichiometry deviates from the ideal olivine stoichiometry, which is represented by olivine in D10IB034

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