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Fig. 2

From: Timing of clockwise rotation of Southwest Japan: constraints from new middle Miocene paleomagnetic results

Fig. 2

Chronostratigraphy of the Mizunami Group, modified from Ujihara et al. (1999). The geomagnetic polarity time scale is after Ogg (2012). The Neogene North Pacific diatom zones (NPD; after Yanagisawa and Akiba 1998) were adjusted to the Ogg (2012) time scale by the authors, following the magneto-biostratigraphic correlation developed by Watanabe and Yanagisawa (2005). Two important biohorizons within NPD4A are indicated: single asterisk first occurrence of Actinocyclus ingens f. nodus (~15.7 Ma), double asterisks last occurrence of Denticulopsis praelauta (~15.8 Ma). Toki LB Toki Lignite-Bearing Formation

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