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Fig. 8

From: Timing of clockwise rotation of Southwest Japan: constraints from new middle Miocene paleomagnetic results

Fig. 8

Equal-area projections of paleomagnetic results. a Sample ChRM directions in geographic (in situ) coordinates. Red (open) circles denote directions in the lower (upper) hemisphere. The blue cross is the geocentric axial dipole field direction (D = 0°, I = 54.9°); the green cross is the present-day geomagnetic field direction calculated from the 12th International Geomagnetic Reference Field model (IGRF-12; D = 352.5°, I = 49.6°). nnor (nrev) number of samples showing normal (reverse) polarity. b Site-mean directions for sites with number of samples (n) > 2 and α 95 < 16° in stratigraphic (tilt-corrected) coordinates. The ovals around directions show the 95 % confidence limits. Nnor (Nrev) number of sites showing normal (reverse) polarity

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