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Fig. 2

From: Frequency distributions of magnetic storms and SI+SSC-derived records at Kakioka, Memambetsu, and Kanoya

Fig. 2

Cumulative frequency distributions of geomagnetic SI+SSC at a Kakioka (Feb. 1923 to Dec. 2013; n = 1618), b Memambetsu (Feb. 1923 to Dec. 2013; n = 1626), and c Kanoya (Feb. 1923 to Dec. 2013; n = 1526). The straight lines show the estimated power law relation for each distribution (see text). Intercepts of functions are rough estimates. The vertical axes show the cumulative number of occurrences and the horizontal axes show the event magnitude, indicated by log 10 of the sum of the horizontal components of the sudden impulse (SI) and the storm sudden commencement (SSC) of the storm event

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