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Fig. 4

From: Earth’s rotation variability triggers explosive eruptions in subduction zones

Fig. 4

Model for the alternate subduction-related explosive volcanic eruptions as a function of the LOD variability. The variation of the shear stress during LOD oscillation determines an increase or a decrease of the horizontal stresses acting on the crust (illustrated by Mohr’s circles). Along E-directed subduction zones, the volcanic arc is located in volumes undergoing contraction, since the subduction hinge is approaching the upper plate. The LOD increase determines a higher σ 1, a lower hoop stress (σ H) and a consequently larger differential stress favouring rupture. Along W-directed subduction zones, where the subduction hinge migrates away relative to the upper plate, the volcanic arc is rather erupting in the extensional back-arc setting. There, the LOD decrease rather generates a smaller σ 3, a higher σ H and a larger differential stress, favouring rupture

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