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Fig. 10

From: A possible scenario for earlier occurrence of the next Nankai earthquake due to triggering by an earthquake at Hyuga-nada, off southwest Japan

Fig. 10

Possible variations in magnitudes of Nankai Trough earthquake due to the occurrence timing of Hyuga-nada earthquake (M w = 7.5). In each panel, the horizontal axis indicates the timing of the occurrence of Hyuga-nada earthquake, and the vertical axis is the total magnitude of ruptures in the western and eastern segments. a For cycle 1 in Fig. 6. b For cycle 2 in Fig. 6. c For cycle 3 in Fig. 6. Open circles indicate hypocenters of Nankai Trough earthquakes are located off Ashizuri. Closed circles are earthquakes with hypocenters in Kumano-nada

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