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Fig. 2

From: A possible scenario for earlier occurrence of the next Nankai earthquake due to triggering by an earthquake at Hyuga-nada, off southwest Japan

Fig. 2

Distributions of model parameters assumed in this study. a Assumed relative plate velocity between the Philippine Sea plate and the overlying continental plate, from Heki and Miyazaki (2001). A coordinate system for dividing the plate interface into sub-faults is also shown. b Characteristic slip distance, L. c AB; parameter distributions from Kyushu to Kii Peninsula in (b) and (c) are from Nakata et al. (2014). Further east, depth profiles of frictional distributions at the eastern edge of the model in Nakata et al. (2014) are extrapolated to the Tokai region. Beneath and off the Kii Peninsula, heterogeneities in frictional parameters are assumed from the results of Kodaira et al. (2006) and Hori (2006). Colored crosses indicate positions of time series of evaluated cumulative slips in Figs. 4 and 6

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