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Fig. 2

From: An updated and refined catalog of earthquakes in Taiwan (1900–2014) with homogenized M w magnitudes

Fig. 2

Logarithmic plots of the cumulative number of earthquakes in Taiwan per year versus magnitude. For each, we selected a 3.9 ≤ M w  ≤ 4.9, b 5.5 ≤ M H  ≤ 6.5, c 4.0 ≤ M D(A)  ≤ 5.0, d 4.0 ≤ M D(D)  ≤ 5.0, and e 4.6 ≤ M L  ≤ 5.6 as the critical magnitude ranges to calculate the values of a and b. We then used these values to derive the relationships used to convert the original magnitudes from different time periods to a common M w magnitude scale

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