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Table 2 Properties of source-type diagrams

From: Mathematical review on source-type diagrams

   Shape of normalized diagram Sharp interface (except inevitable onea) Laterally asymmetric density Significant apparent density differences
(a) Cubic Skewed rectangle No (diagonal line) Yes No
(b) Hexagonal bi-pyramid Diamond Vertical axis (horizontal axis) No No
(c) Modified hexagonal bi-pyramid Square Vertical axis horizontal axis No Low density around ±ISO
(d) Conjugate hexagonal bi-pyramid Diamond No (horizontal axis) No No
(e) Spherical equirectangular Square No No Low density around ±ISO
(f) Spherical orthogonal Circle No No Concentration around ±ISO
(g) Modified spherical orthogonal Diamond No (horizontal axis) No Concentration around r–s axes
(h) Spherical azimuthal Lemon shape No No No
(i) Spherical cylindrical Square No No No
(j) Modified spherical cylindrical Diamond No (horizontal axis) No No
(k) Spherical cylindrical orthogonal Square No No No
(l) Percentile Square Vertical axis diagonal line Yes Low density around ±ISO
(m) Modified percentile Diamond Vertical axis diagonal line (horizontal axis) Yes No
  1. aThe sharp interface that is inevitable because of the angular outline shape is enclosed in parentheses