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Table 2 Parameters of anticipated scenarios

From: The Nankai Trough earthquake tsunamis in Korea: numerical studies of the 1707 Hoei earthquake and physics-based scenarios

Model Medium k a (%) Initiation Strength Final size Name in Hok et al. (2011)
SC01 Half-space b Western edge of Nankai Uniformc Hyuga-nada and Nankai
SC02 Half-space 20 1946 Nankai hypocenter Uniform Nankai
SC03 Half-space 20 Western edge of Nankai Uniform Nankai and Tonankai H4
SC04 Full-space 25 Eastern edge of Tonankai Stepd Tonankai and Nankai B3
  1. a k is the scaling factor of slip-weakening distance
  2. bConstant slip-weakening distance is used
  3. cUniform stands for the model whose static shear strength is uniform and is set at 10.5 MPa
  4. dStep indicates the model where the static shear strength is 10.5 MPa in the western part and 9 MPa in the eastern part; the boundary is located southwest of the Kii Peninsula