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Table 1 Components of IR2

From: Development and in-flight calibration of IR2: 2-μm camera onboard Japan’s Venus orbiter, Akatsuki

Component Sub-component T a Weight (g) Power consumption and remarks
IR2-CMR IR2-SNS   1100 5.0 W (from IR-AE, when imaging)
(17-μm pitch 1M pix. PtSi) 66   IFOV = 0.20 mRad/FOV = \(12^\circ\)
IR2-OPT (triplet lens) 172   \(f =\) 84.6 mm (170 K), F / 4
IR2-STR (structure)   
IR2-FWH (filter wheel) 172   7.2 W (from IR-AE, when in motion)
IR2-FLTR 83   Fixed short-wavelength pass filter
IR2-ELC   250 A set of wire herness
IR2-THRM CP (Radiator plate)   2500 AlBeMet162 alloy metal
IR2-CMP (compressor)   3500 50 W (from IR2-CDE)
IR2-CHD (cold head)   800  
IR2-CDE    3600 74.4 W (50 W to IR2-CMP)
IR2-H    2320 Box-shape baffle
IR-AE    3300 40.4 W (when imaging)
    33.4 W (when FWH in motion)
IR-AE-WHN   200 A set of wire herness
Total    17,570 114.8 W (when imaging)
    107.8 W (when FWH in motion)
  1. aTemperatures of IR2-CMR estimated for the most severe ambient condition in Venus orbit