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Table 2 Field–flow interferences in synthetic cases

From: Magnetic field stretching at the top of the shell of numerical dynamos

Flow \(\cos \gamma \) \(\xi _{Rm}\)
\({\mathcal {T}}_1^{0}\) 0.65 1.00
\({\mathcal {T}}_1^{1}\) 0.64 1.00
\({\mathcal {P}}_1^{0}\) 0.76 0.65
\({\mathcal {P}}_1^{1}\) 0.61 0.74
  1. \({\mathcal {T}}_1\) and \({\mathcal {P}}_1\) are large-scale degree-1 toroidal and poloidal synthetic flows. \(\cos \gamma \) is the field–flow alignment factor and \(\xi _{Rm}\) is the advection/stretching interference factor