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Table 1 Input parameters, variable names, and values

From: Estimation of ballistic block landing energy during 2014 Mount Ontake eruption

Parameter name Notation Value
Particle diameter (m) D p 0.2
Drag coefficient C D 0.0–1.2
Particle density (kg/m3) ρ p Mean = 2300
Std = 300
Particle ejection speed (m/s) v e 100–200
Polar angle (°) θ Mean = 0
Std = 15
Azimuth angle (°) φ Uniform distribution 0–360
Rotation angle from the vertical axis (°) γ 20–80
Direction angle from north to east (°) α 10–30
Gas flow effect range (m) L f 100
  1. In this model, the particle density and polar angle values are randomly selected from a Gaussian distribution with the given means and standard deviations (std), and the azimuth angle is randomly selected from a uniform distribution with a range of 0°–360°