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Fig. 6

From: Surface wave attenuation in the shallow subsurface from multichannel–multishot seismic data: a new approach for detecting fractures and lithological discontinuities

Fig. 6

Observed amplitude ratio gathers at 15.1 Hz (natural logarithmic scale). The CMP is located at 220-m horizontal distance from the north end of the survey line (magenta square in Fig. 5c). a The observed amplitude ratio data with fit lines. Mean values and standard deviations (barred circles) are calculated from data (small crosses) within 8-m bins every 4 m. R 2 values are calculated by regression analysis through the origin (Eisenhauer 2003). b The horizontal locations of the CMP (red cross) and receivers (black circles) used for computing the mean value at 60-m receiver spacing (green in a). We used receiver pairs from 56- to 64-m receiver spacing range (8-m bins) with the CMP at 220 m

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