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Fig. 7

From: Surface wave attenuation in the shallow subsurface from multichannel–multishot seismic data: a new approach for detecting fractures and lithological discontinuities

Fig. 7

Profiles of attenuation coefficients, their derivative values, and phase velocities. Profile location is shown in Fig. 5c. Values of α at 10-m intervals are estimated from amplitude ratio gathers for a positive-offset data and b negative-offset data. c Derivative values of the averaged values of α from 40- to 50-m elevation. d Fundamental mode of phase velocities (Ikeda et al. 2013). Depths are estimated as one-third of the wavelengths of phase velocities obtained by Ikeda et al. (2013). Black lines represent the ground surface. Background color shading is obtained from observed values (dots) by linear interpolation. The figure without the color shading is displayed in Additional file 3: Figure S3

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