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Table 1 Sulfur isotopic values and concentrations of sulfur species of the pyroclastic materials of the 2014 Mt. Ontake eruption

From: Sulfur isotopic characteristics of volcanic products from the September 2014 Mount Ontake eruption, Japan

Sample Sulfur species S (wt%) δ34S (‰) ±1σ (‰)
OT-1 Water-leached sulfate (H2O-S) 0.50 +15.53 0.10
OT-1 Hydrochloric acid-leached sulfate (HCl-S) 0.62 +15.92 0.08
OT-1 Acetone-leached native sulfur (Native-S) 0.22 −3.86 0.07
OT-1 Pyrite (Pyrite-S) 1.79a −5.24 0.24b
OT-3 Water-leached sulfate (H2O-S) 0.54 +15.22 0.09
OT-3 Hydrochloric acid-leached sulfate (HCl-S) 0.58 +16.04 0.07
OT-3 Acetone-leached native sulfur (Native-S) 0.22 −3.77 0.08
OT-3 Pyrite (Pyrite-S) 1.12a −5.17 0.37b
  1. aSome pyrite grains attached to lighter minerals (e.g., silicate minerals) might not have precipitated during density separation; therefore, the values should be considered as minimum sulfur concentrations
  2. bThe errors for pyritic sulfur in this study were larger than the precision determined for other samples; however, such larger errors likely originated from isotopic heterogeneity