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Table 2 Scalar residual statistics, uncorrected, and corrected data

From: In-flight scalar calibration and characterisation of the Swarm magnetometry package

Satellite Weighted rms (pT)
Uncorrected Corrected
Alpha 962.6 168.3
Bravo 710.3 164.2
 \(F_\text {ASM}\) 632.1 172.3
 \(F_\text {AC,map}\) 862.1 527.7
  1. For Swarm Charlie two sets of numbers are given: one set for which the ASM was still working (\(F_\text {ASM}\), until 5 November 2014) and one set using the scalar data from Swarm Alpha mapped to the position of Swarm Charlie (\(F_\text {AC,map}\)). For data from 1 May 2014 through 5 November 2014 the weighted rms of \(F_\text {ASM} - F_\text {AC,map}\) is 572.6 pT