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Fig. 8

From: Source rupture processes of the 2016 Kumamoto, Japan, earthquakes estimated from strong-motion waveforms

Fig. 8

a Total slip distribution of the M 6.5 event on the fault. Slip contour interval is 0.15 m. The vectors denote the direction and the amount of the slip of the hanging wall side. The star denotes the rupture starting point. The rectangles with blue and green broken lines indicate the areas with large slips defined in this study, Areas 1 and 2, respectively. b Perspective illustration of the total slip distribution (azimuth: 310°, elevation: 20°). Gray circles denote the hypocenters of events (M ≥ 1), which were determined by the NIED Hi-net, in the period between the M 6.5 event and the M 7.3 event. Green circles denote the hypocenters of events (M ≥ 1) from June 8, 2000, to September 8, 2000, as determined by JMA. Circle sizes indicate the event magnitudes. Open triangle denotes KiK-net KMMH16 station. c Rupture progression for the M 6.5 event in terms of slip amount for each 1.0-s time window. Slip contour interval is 0.1 m. d Slip-velocity time function of each subfault. The star denotes the subfault corresponding to the rupture starting subfault

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