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Table 1 PALSAR-2 data in this study

From: Fault source model for the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake sequence based on ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 pixel-offset data: evidence for dynamic slip partitioning

Pair no. Orbit Track Date ( Inc. angle (deg.) Heading angle (deg.) B_perp (m) Pix. spacing [(Ran., Az.) m]
P1 D 23 07.03.2016 36.17 −169.68 −122.43 1.4, 2.1
P2 A 130 03.12.2015 33.87 −10.51 −147.36 2.8, 3.0
P3 D 29 14.01.2015 42.97 −164.45 5.15 1.4, 1.8
  1. Observation footprints are shown in Fig. 1. Orbit indicates satellite flight direction (A ascending, D descending). Date shows acquisition date of master data (above) and slave data (bottom). B_perp represents perpendicular baseline between master and slave data. All PALSAR-2 data are derived using stripmap mode. Footprint width of SAR data depends on the incident angle. Pix. spacing indicates the spatial resolution for range (Ran.) and azimuth (Az.) direction