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Table 3 Total release of geodetic moment (GM) and seismic moment (SM)

From: Fault source model for the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake sequence based on ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 pixel-offset data: evidence for dynamic slip partitioning

   Segment no. Component [slip direction] M o (×1019 Nm) M w
GM Total    3.47 6.96
  F1 Strike [right-lateral] 1.76 6.76
  Dip [normal slip] 0.36 6.30
  F2 Strike [right-lateral] 1.05 6.62
  F3 Dip [normal slip] 0.61 6.46
SM Total    4.06 7.01
   Strike [right-lateral] 3.40 6.95
Dip [normal slip] 1.32 6.68
  1. GM indicates the total moment tensor inferred from our slip distributions. SM shows the seismic moment tensor of the main shock (M w 7.0). The decomposition of SM into normal faulting and strike-slip faulting was derived by the eigenvalues of the moment tensor (dip–strike = 1.32:3.40). The total SM is derived by (σ 1 − σ 3)/2, where σ 1 and σ 3 are the maximum and the minimum eigenvalues, respectively