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Table 1 Summary of instruments and observation sites for the NLC event on June 21, 2015

From: First imaging and identification of a noctilucent cloud from multiple sites in Hokkaido (43.2–44.4°N), Japan

Site name (abbreviation) Location Instruments (camera system) Period of NLC detection HH:MM:SS in local standard time (LST = UT + 9 h) [shooting interval (min)] Weather condition and remarks
Nayoro (NYR) 44.37°N, 142.48°E Nikon D90 +F#2.8/f = 15 mm 02:23:07–02:38:07LST (5 min) Clear. Most of the structure is hidden by a mountain
Moshiri (MSR) 44.37°N, 142.27°E Nikon D90 +F#2.8/f = 10 mm 02:09:55–02:17:55LST (3 min) Partly cloudy and foggy. Most of the structure is hidden by a mountain
Monbetsu (MON) 44.34°N, 143.32°E Nikon D300S +F#4/f = 12 mm 02:00:13–02:45:13LST (15 min) Clear
Rikubetsu (RIK) 43.53°N, 143.61°E Nikon D700 +F#2.8/f = 20 mm 01:54:54–02:34:54LST (5 min) Clear. Some images are saturated due to bright twilight sky
Otaru (OTR) 43.17°N, 140.97°E Canon EOS 7D +F#8/f = 35 mm 02:14:**−02:40:**LST (Manual) Clear. Data provided by Mr. Masamichi Shisa (photographer)