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Fig. 6

From: Seismicity controlled by resistivity structure: the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes, Kyushu Island, Japan

Fig. 6

Relationship between resistivity structure and earthquakes. Hypocenters 1 month after the M JMA 6.5 earthquake of 21:25 JST, April 14, 2016, are plotted on the resistivity profiles at depths of 8 and 12 km with a depth range of ±1.5 km. Hypocenters of the M JMA 6.1 and M JMA 6.4 earthquakes in 1975 (Yamashina and Murai 1975) are also overlain on the profiles. Because the hypocentral depths of these two earthquakes were not determined, they are plotted on both profiles. Other notations are the same as in Fig. 1

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