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Fig. 3

From: Upper boundaries of the Pacific and Philippine Sea plates near the triple junction off the Boso Peninsula deduced from ocean-bottom seismic observations

Fig. 3

Hypocenter location results. a A comparison of hypocenters relocated using the one-dimensional model shown in Fig. 2a with those determined from the JMA land-based seismic network data. Gray and white dots are the hypocenters determined in this study and by JMA, respectively, with identical earthquakes connected by black lines. The lower and right figures show E–W and N–S vertical sections, respectively. Triangles and squares indicate station locations. b Relocated hypocenters based on the three-dimensional model shown in Fig. 2b. Black dots surrounded by colors and colored dots surrounded by black represent the hypocenters of the shallow and PAC earthquake groups, respectively. Colors correspond to hypocenter depth. Brown contours show the upper boundaries of the PAC (Nakajima and Hasegawa 2006; Nakajima et al. 2009). The bottom and right panels show PAC upper boundaries along a latitude of 35.4°N and a longitude of 141°E, respectively

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