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Fig. 11

From: Measurement of thermospheric temperatures using OMTI Fabry–Perot interferometers with 70-mm etalon

Fig. 11

Averaged temperatures (solid lines) and number of data (dashed lines). This was obtained at a, e Tromsø, b, f Chiang Mai, c, g Kototabang and d, h Darwin for the same interval of Fig. 10. Thick lines show temperatures averaged for every 15 min obtained by FP01–04. Thin lines and dotted lines show that obtained by the MSIS-E90 model and the GAIA model, respectively, at an altitude of 250 km. The error bars indicate standard deviations of the whole data. Left panels (ad) and right panels (eh) indicate original data and the data that removed the data obtained when the airglow intensity is very low, respectively

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