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Fig. 1

From: Volcanic deformation of Atosanupuri volcanic complex in the Kussharo caldera, Japan, from 1993 to 2016 revealed by JERS-1, ALOS, and ALOS-2 radar interferometry

Fig. 1

A SAR interferogram showing range change between JERS-1 and the ground surface during the period from August 13, 1993 to April 21, 1995, overlaid on topographic relief of the study target area. Area of the color change at the center is the signature of the deformation detected by JERS-1 InSAR. Color scale indicates radar range change (positive values show upward and/or east-southeastward displacement). Red dashed line shows the approximate boundary of the Kussharo caldera, and the yellow dashed line shows the Atosanupuri caldera (Katsui 1962). Red triangles indicate major lava domes belonging to the Atosanupuri volcanic complex. Rectangles with figure numbers show the area of each figure. Location of this figure is shown in the inset. Black triangles in the inset indicate active volcanoes

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