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Table 3 Thermal and mechanical parameters

From: Shear strain concentration mechanism in the lower crust below an intraplate strike-slip fault based on rheological laws of rocks

Parameter name Abbr. Value Unit
Thermal parameters
Thermal conductivity k 2.60 \({\mathrm{W\,K^{-1}\,m^{-1}}}\)
Heat capacity \(C_{p}\) 1130 \({\mathrm{J\,kg^{-1}\,K^{-1}}}\)
Geothermal gradient \(\dfrac{{{\rm d}}T}{{{\rm d}}z}\) 25 \({\mathrm{K\,km^{-1}}}\)
Mechanical parameters
Slip rate \(v_{0}\) 0.5 or 15 \({\mathrm{mm\,year^{-1}}}\)
Crustal rock density \(\rho\) 2800 \({\mathrm{kg\,m^{-3}}}\)