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Fig. 1

From: San-in shear zone in southwest Japan, revealed by GNSS observations

Fig. 1

GNSS velocities in southwest Japan from April 2005 to December 2009. A reference station of the velocities is 950344 (Hyogo-Ichinomiya). The Northern Chugoku Shear Zone (NCSZ) and Southern Japan Sea Strike Slip Fault Zone (SJSFZ) are right-lateral shear zones proposed by Gutscher and Lallemand (1999) and Itoh et al. (2002), respectively. Purple broken lines are major active faults (HERP 2017). Red dots show a shallow seismicity with magnitude of ≥2 and a depth of <30 km during 1923–2016. Three broken rectangles show locations of velocity profile (Fig. 2). Ticks on lines in the rectangles are plotted with an interval of 50 km

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