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Fig. 1

From: Role of multiscale heterogeneity in fault slip from quasi-static numerical simulations

Fig. 1

A Schematic illustration of the model configuration for a single patch surrounded by aseismic slip. The model area is described by: a a patch with radius R, governed by a friction law that is dependent on the parameters of the patch; b the background, which may possess a zero-friction condition or simply be the largest patch existing behind a; and c a constant loading outside of the model area. The infinite domain \(\varSigma_{\infty }\) from Eq. (2) consists of a to c, while the modeled area is limited to a and b. B Examples of frictional behavior, from Eq. (4), with \(\gamma = 1,2\) and \(w_{c} = 0.2,0.4,\;{\text{and}}\;0.8\;{\text{m}}\). In this case, \(\Delta \tau = 0.5\;{\text{MPa}}\) and \(w_{0} = 0\) m

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