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Table 1 List of PBL schemes

From: Detections and simulations of tropospheric water vapor fluctuations due to trapped lee waves by ALOS-2/PALSAR-2 ScanSAR interferometry

PBL scheme Abbreviation Surface layer scheme Comments References
Yonsei University YSU Revised MM5 (Monin–Obukhov-base) Default setting Hong et al. (2006)
Mellor–Yamada–Janjic MYJ Monin–Obukhov for Eta model   Janjic (1994)
Mellor–Yamada–Nakanishi and Niino level 3 MYNN3 Revised MM5 (Monin–Obukhov-base)   Nakanishi and Niino (2006)
Asymmetric convective model 2 ACM2 (Monin–Obukhov-base)   Pleim (2007)
Quasi-Normal Scale Elimination QNSE Quasi-Normal Scale Elimination   Sukoriansky et al. (2005)