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Table 2 Damage description of major liquefaction sites

From: The impact evaluation of soil liquefaction on low-rise building in the Meinong earthquake

Location Index Description
Annan GF1 The settlement of this area ranging from 10 to 20 cm mainly occurred at and around the building. The differential settlement caused cracks between the building and road; meanwhile, the pipeline at the interface was destroyed
Annan GF2
Annan GF3 The building in this area seriously settled (40–90 cm) and tilted (1°–7°). The road heaved much and had extensive sand boiling
Sinshih GF1 The settlement of building is minor due to soil liquefaction
Sinshih GF2 The maximum settlement of column was about 10 cm. The maximum tilt of building is about 1°. Boiling sand deposited in the kitchen and ditch behind the building. The first floor slab heaved and cracked. The edge of road cracked and damaged the water pipeline
Sinshih GF3 The area was fishpond before. The three-story building here is a two-span frame structure in long direction with a garage add-on in front of house. Due to soil liquefaction, the column seriously settled and caused the indoor first floor slab heaving and cracking much. The sand/mud boiling was obvious inside the house. Fire lanes heaved and sand deposited in the ditch. The road in front of building heaved and the pipeline was damaged. The sand boiling could be observed everywhere
Wenhe St. GF2 The settlement of building was a few of centimeters. The first floor slab and road pavement had minor cracks. Sand boiling took place nearby
Wenhe St. GF3 The maximum tilt and settlement of the building were 4° and 20 cm, respectively. It could be found the sand boiling on the surface of roads nearby
Zhengju St. GF1 The degree of soil liquefaction was slight. The differential settlement of building caused brick wall cracked, window railings deformed, as well as road and floor slab cracked