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Table 2 Strong-motion stations with evident nonlinear site response during the Wenchuan main shock based on identification with RFp, DNL, ADNL, and PNL, respectively

From: Five parameters for the evaluation of the soil nonlinearity during the Ms8.0 Wenchuan Earthquake using the HVSR method

No. Station code Parameters used to identify the soil nonlinearity Nonlinearity level
1 51AXT Medium
2 51GYS Strong
3 51GYZ Strong
4 51JYC Strong
5 51JYD Strong
6 51JYH Strong
7 51JZB Medium
8 51JZW Medium
9 51LXT Medium
10 51MXN Medium
11 51MZQ Medium
12 51SFB Strong
13 51TQL medium
14 51WCW Strong
15 51XJD Medium
16 62WUD Medium
  1. and mean that the site response does and does not evidently behave nonlinearly