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Table 1 Basic characteristics of the three COSMIC GPS-RO retrievals

From: Comparison of three retrievals of COSMIC GPS radio occultation results in the tropical upper troposphere and lower stratosphere

Dataset Organization Sewing height from GO to WO Vertical resolution in the UTLS Analysis period
atmPrf2010 (atmPrf version 2010.2640) UCAR, CDAAC Variable between 10 and 20 km 0.1–0.2 km when FSI is applied, otherwise 1.4 km Sep 1, 2010–Jul 17, 2012
atmPrf2013 (atmPrf version 2013.3520) UCAR, CDAAC Fixed at 20 km Originally 0.1–0.2 km by PM, but smoothed over 0.5 km Apr 22, 2006–Apr 30, 2014
rishfsi2013 RISH, IUGONET Fixed at 30 km 0.1–0.2 km by FSI Apr 22, 2006–March 30, 2017